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Fort Amsterdam was a GPS-based multi-player game in which players were transported back 400 years to a time when New York was called New Amsterdam.
In the “Fort Amsterdam” game players used GPS-enabled cell phones as they took on the roles of the 17th-century British, Dutch and Native Americans who once occupied New Amsterdam. The three teams ran around the land that was once the Dutch colony, earning points by finding GPS-tagged spots and answering historical trivia questions.
The game format was created on a location-based gaming platform called 7scenes.  7scenes made creating, playing, (live) tracking and sharing location based games easy with an online authoring environment, mobile phone software and an online community.
My Tours acquired 7scenes in 2017. Don’t worry though! We continue to offer a great mobile app platform for culture and heritage organisations – or anyone else who wants to share their stories using interactive gaming features.
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