Inspire and engage your students via our mobile applications.

Students will love using your app to explore their new campus, discover the history of the area, or use the app as a learning tool.  The My Tours app builder is the easiest way to create stunning multimedia tours. Support for custom maps, multi-lingual content and unlimited updates means that you can deliver the right content to your users with no fuss.

Easy to use

The My Tours app builder is the easiest to use tour builder available. As long as you can drive a web browser you can create beautiful mobile experiences for your students. And, with full support included you know you’ve got the backup if you need it.

Multimedia support

Enhance understanding of exhibits through text, audio, images and video. We’ve got you covered with support for all popular formats. We even deal with all of the transcoding and resizing making it simple to get up and running.

Promote your events

There is now an great new tool to add a calendar of upcoming events to your app. This means you can entice students with things planned in your community.

Understand your users

Understand how students are using your app through Google Analytics allows you to evaluate the performance of your content, locations, and more.

Multi-lingual support

With support for 18 languages including most European and Asian languages we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got support for RTL languages. And if there is a language we don’t support then get in touch and we can easily add this for you.

Keep up to date

You have full control over the content of your app, even once it’s published. Add new tours, make changes and update content whenever you like, all for free. And we make sure your app is refreshed with the latest features and updates.

Flexible tour options

Users  select which tour they want to take from the tours you created. Once downloaded they can either choose to follow a tour systematically or decide their own path around the exhibit  by selecting stops via a keypad. GPS-enabled maps or iBeacons will guide them to where they want to go.

Create apps for all

My Tours mobile tour apps work with accessibility options on most devices for the visually- and hearing-impaired.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

Ready to get started? Try our tour builder for free or get in touch!

Customer App Examples

University of Auckland Campus Tour

University of Auckland wanted an app to explore heritage and culture around the campus based in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. They needed an app which could provide location services to guide students around the campus with a number of multi-media formats.

UCC Green Campus Tours

University College Cork wanted a walking tour app to highlight the Environmental, Ecological and Sustainable success of the University’s Main and Satellite Campuses. The features, which enable them to share their full story, include ability to add a range of media from text, directions, photos and video; GPS function for maps; as well as free download, including all future Tours and new content.

Barry University Historic Tour

Barry University’s Miami campus wanted to provide students with a tour through the campus, share historic photos that illustrate the campus’s beautiful environment, and introduce some of the fascinating individuals from different backgrounds who contributed to Barry’s success. Therefore they needed a multimedia and multilingual platform to meet their needs.