The easiest to use tour builder to create beautiful & affordable apps for your heritage organisation or historical society.

Use the power of the latest mobile devices to tell your amazing stories to your visitors. Whether it is an indoor tour of your historic house or a walking tour of your town, My Tours makes it incredibly easy to publish your walking tours and museum guides.

Easy to use

The My Tours app builder is the easiest to use tour builder available. As long as you can drive a web browser you can create beautiful mobile experiences for your visitors. And, with full support included you know you’ve got the backup if you need it.


We deal with clients of every size and we’ve made sure that we have an affordable platform that lets anybody create a stunning mobile experience. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

 Understand your visitors

Understand your app users through Google Analytics to better evaluate the performance of your content, exhibits, and more.

Outdoor and Indoor

Whether you have an indoor tour of your historic house or an outdoor heritage trail, My Tours has the solution for you. And all My Tours apps work fully offline which is perfect for tourists or areas with limited mobile coverage.

Keep up to date

Once you’ve launched your app you have full control over the content of the app. Add new tours, make changes and update content whenever you like, all for free. And, your app won’t be left untouched in the app store. We make sure your app is constantly being updated with the latest features and updates.

 Create apps for all

My Tours mobile tour apps work with accessibility options on most devices for the visually- and hearing-impaired.

You choose whether to offer your app on the web, Apple or Google Play stores. So many options. Something for everyone.

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Customer App Examples

Heritage Trails

Heritage NZ wanted users to experience the heart and soul of early New Zealand’s Northland, where Māori and Pakeha first met, traded, philosophised, fought, loved – and established a nation like no other. These stories can be explored through a series of fun, interactive tours, which can be enjoyed at the users leisure anytime on their own device..

Utah Heritage Walks

Utah Heritage Foundation  Society were after an app, which provided the knowledge and information of a guided tour with the flexibility of moving at your own pace. Utah Heritage Walks is your one-stop-shop for free tours of architecture, history and heritage in the State of Utah.

Walk History

Historic England wanted to bring the history of London’s neighbourhoods alive using photos, archive images and sometimes the odd video. They also wanted to use the app as a learning tool for identifying architectural periods.