My Tours takes the hard stuff out of making your app.

Don’t pay the earth for the features you need, or get locked into paying for bug fixes.

Get the app you want and the price you need, instead of the hard stuff you don’t.

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years perfecting our platform


We have so many cool features to make your amazing stories shine. Beautiful maps, high quality images, text, audio and video. My Tours lets you tell your story, your way.

Easy to use web-based tour creator

Upload and customise your content from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multi-platform support

Support for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as mobile web.

Support for in-app purchases & coupons

Free tours, in-app purchases, coupons. Take your pick, or use a mix of all three. You keep 100% of the revenue.

GPS-based alerts (geofencing) & beacons

Give users a notification based on where they are. Geo-fenced alerts are great for biking, driving and boat tours; whereas our beacons help navigate a smaller area.

Powerful mapping

Satellite, street, and terrain maps means there’s a perfect option for you. And if there isn’t, custom maps means you can make your own.

App theming

Personalise your app with custom banner, loading image and colour schemes.

Multimedia support

Share your story through rich-text, audio, and images, as well as video.

Multiple tours per app

Grouped tours: categorise by place, theme, or anything you want.


Localised in 18 languages: the app automatically switches based on the device’s language.

Always up to date

New features and bug fixes are yours for no additional cost.

Real time content updates

Hit publish and your changes go live, whether it’s a new image or a new tour.

App Concierge and 5 Star Support

Focus on crafting your content, while we take care of the hard stuff.

Interactive app features

Create a quiz or badges to offer your users a fun experience that will challenge and motivate them.