We ran a workshop on digitising local heritage last week at the Pt Chevalier library and it was great to hear about the different experiences among the attendees. Timothy Barnett from Auckland Libraries was kind enough to share these links on caring for and digitising heritage items. There is a wealth of information as you start to read through these and I encourage you to spend some time browsing the resources and watching some of the videos.

Digital NZ

The Digital NZ Make it Digital Guides have a wealth of information on digitising content including digitising and imaging.

National Services Te Paerangi

National Services Te Paerangi have a resource section covering a wide range of topics. I particulary liked the photograpy videos on this page.

National Library

The National Library has great resources and a section just on caring for your collections

Other Links

Cover Image: CC-BY_SA Wikipedia:Dvortygirl

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